martes, 29 de junio de 2010

Welcome from the Provost

Specialized and focused, Colorado School of Mines is a research university long known for its excellent academic programs in engineering and applied science, and unique for its mission to enhance understanding of the earth, energy and the environment. With this rare mix of expertise, Mines is helping find answers to some of the major problems of our times.
With 4,800 students and nearly 300 faculty, Mines students receive the personal attention that will contribute to success. Our accredited undergraduate programs are highly selective, and our renowned faculty create a challenging, as well as supportive, learning environment for our students.
Graduates are in great demand by companies and government agencies around the world. Our degree programs provide a rigorous technical education in which students also receive exposure and training in areas such as communication, leadership, teamwork and ethics — all requirements to excel in the workplace and society. An extensive laboratory infrastructure ensures that students will have plenty of hands-on training in their coursework.
Graduate students join a community of scholars who are global leaders in their fields. Research funding from government agencies and private corporations supports cutting-edge work in alternative and traditional energy resources, mineral economics, earth sciences, materials, and environmental science and engineering. Strong partnerships with local government laboratories, including the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the Bureau of Reclamation and the United States Geological Survey, provide rich opportunities for students to become involved in world-class research.
Explore this web site to learn more about our innovative academic programs, or better yet, come visit the campus. See firsthand how Mines is serving its students — and serving the world.

Steven Castillo Provost, Colorado School of Mines

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